Event Registration

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The walk is free. However, please register to attend this walk. We need to know how many participants we will have so we can provide ample food, Gatorade, and water. Note, if you plan to join at a rest stop, please be courteous and park away from the fire station, as we do not want to impede operations. If you are joining us by yourself, it is recommended to have emergency contact information with you. Also note March to the Memorial, at this time, is not providing return transportation. Uber/Lyft are great options, but at the participant's expense.

The main reason we ask that you join us at a rest stop as opposed to a random point is to be able to give t-shirts. We will have your t-shirt waiting for you at a rest stop, if you do not start at the Martin's parking lot with us.

If you plan to join us at the Martin's parking lot, please arrive starting at 8:30am for t-shirts (those who signed up online will get priority for shirt size). We will absolutely accept people the day of the walk as well.

For any questions, please call or text 574-TBD or email [email protected].